Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fuzzy Photos

I hope everyone had a great Easter break! WE DID!! No one was ready to go back to school Monday and I wasn't ready for them to leave, but life must go on. 10 weeks til summer!!

On another note... I always save my blurry photos, but when I go to scrap them I don't spend that much time on them because they aren't the best. My Baby moves so much that I have had to adjust this philosophy a little. If I don't spend time and energy scrapping his blurry pics, then, all his pages will be just thrown together! LOL!! After taking the time to add paint and embellishments on this LO, you are drawn away from the fuzzy photos and you see the LO as a whole.
I think it improves his scrapbooks ALOT when I do this. So, I encourage you this week to find those blurry photos and spend some extra time on them. You may really like how it turns out. Another neat thing is that I used bubblewrap for the heart and another piece behind the bird. It's hard to see.

Have a great Tuesday!!

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