Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Baby!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it's been 10 years since I pledged my life to this wonderful man. He is most definitely the one God made for me. I love you, Baby!

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Fall of Baby

I no longer have a baby in my house! Walking at 10 mos., talking well by 1 yr., He has seemed in a hurry to grow up since he was born!! Most everyone now can understand exactly what Timothy wants. Well, now he's learned how to escape his crib.

Don't you just love his cheese smile!!

And there is the fall of my baby boy! He is growing up way too fast!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


A few digital pages I've done between time with the fellows. They are home until Thursday so I'm not going to be getting alot done, but I will be playing tons of Star Wars and I'll be an expert tent maker!! I went to over the weekend and found out that none of my kids resemble me and that I look like Hilary Swank, yeah right. Anyway I tried to post it but couldn't. You should really check it out it's lots of fun!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Be Still and Know that HE is GOD!

Wesley and I had been talking about looking out for a reclining sofa since we had sold our recliner. God always takes care of us. We have everything we need, just like He promised. It's amazing, but when God just hands us our wants... my mind can't form the right words to describe how that feels. My aunt was going to dump this sofa, but first she had my Dad call and see if we wanted it. Wow! We feel like king and queen on our new reclining sofa!! And the blanket was my Granny's. My Mom gave it to me this past week also. Because I stay at home with the kids, there is alot we miss out on. We don't have fancy cars, or an SLR camera, but what we have money could NEVER buy!!! Thank you Jesus for this life You have given us, may we never take it for granted.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Crazy Morning!

This page was so fun to make for my Baby!! I love him so much and this time of year really brings it out for me with Valentine's Day and our 10th anniversary coming. It's so hard to beleive it's been 10 years, but I also can't remember what life was like before him. So glad he's my man!!

So, I took the guys to school, as usual, and I noticed Noah looked a little "less" ready for school than he should be. Again he forgot his booksack! Those guys have way too much pressure on them. When I brought his sack to school, I had the lady in the office call him to me so I didn't have to deal with his teacher and he walked in the door with tears in his eyes. My heart broke. He was crying over a booksack. Poor baby. He said "it's going to be a bad day Mom". I hugged him tight, told him everything would be o.k. and sent him back to class. Bless his little heart.

On another note, Wesley has developed a mouth ulser and the entire left side of his face swelled up!! The kids at school asked him who did he get in a fight with!! We got him some antibiotics and he's on the mend.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ribbon Storage & Helping the Environment

O.k. as promised I'm trying to broaden my horizons and do more than just scrapbook pages. Oh yeah, and I'm trying to teach myself how to do digital scrapbooking and did I mention I have twins and a 1 year old plus three sets of grandparents who expect to see us at least once a week and a wonderful husband who needs me to be at his beck and call..... and so on. Anyway, life is great!!!!

So, I wanted to be alot more environmentally contious this year. Not to any weird "no deodorant" extremes, but I've started saving cans to be recycled and looking at our trash in general differently. I decided to take our old sherbet containers and make ribbon storage out of them.

I painted the rim and bottom of the container and also the rim+ a little on top of the lid.
I chose a pattern paper, but it had to have darts to fit around the container correctly.
I ran it through the Xyron machine rather than another source of glue because it holds well and I don't have to wait for drying!
I used a grommet punch to make the holes, but found it easier just to use my paper piercer and some scissors. I can't wait for the big crop-a-dile!!!!

So what do you think of my finished product? I like it. If you have any cc it is welcome. Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Think I Might Be a Digi Girl!

So I have discovered I really like digital scrapbooking! These beautiful ladies are my Grandma Ward (top) and my Granny Pennell (bottom). Aren't they lovely!! Both were around 16 when these photos were taken. I've been wanting to do a heritage book for quite some time, but it's so expensive and takes so long so I've put it off and put it off. This is the year that I at least start working on it. I'm going to be using to help me trace our family tree. That's right. I'm not just doing my family, I'm also doing Wesley's. I want the boys to have a good idea where their family comes from. Like their great great grandpa was a sheriff. How cool is that!! I'll update as I find new thing, but this really is a slow process. Well, Little Man is calling me to play. Gotta go!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Dital Page

O.k. This is my first ever digital scrapbook page and I've gotta say I really loved doing it. There's one problem. I don't know where to print it and Timothy and I have got to have it where we can hold it!

Here's some more pictures I took the other day. I've got some more of Nick and Noah, but I haven't downloaded them yet.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Day!

I've just worked up a sweat playing with Little Man. I LOVE this age!!! He's sooooo much fun. Here's a picture I took of him yesterday. He's turning into quite the little camera hog. When I got done yesterday he began crying and saying "cheese". It was so cute that I had to take a few more.

I am loving my photoshop elements 5.0. I wouldn't get 6.0 because during the trial, I never could figure out how to use the magic extractor which is my favorite feature!! Below are pictures of my first mini book I've ever made (well first one I've ever made that came out right :) ). On the left hand page I will add photos and on the right I will document what happens during the month. When I get January done I'll post it so you can see.

I only put a few resolutions in it. Just the big ones. I have lots of little ones in my head. Like get a Cuttlebug. Even the twins say I need one, but I know it's just because they want to use it to. They are so artsy. I love it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First LO of the year!

This is a layout I did for LOAD. It's a class I've decided to take at It's too late for me to win a prize, but I thought it would help me to catch up on my pages so I'd have more time for things like this:
My New Year Resolutions coming to light!! It was fun to do something different. I'm also working on a mini album that I'll add pictures to all year. I'll upload pics when I get it put together. I can't wait to show it off. My guys went back to school today. It seems so quiet without them here. Oh well, Easter will be here soon enough.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008!!

Happy New Year!!!

Hope you had a fun and safe New Year's Eve! We talked DH into going to First Night Raleigh and watching the early acorn fall! Still can't believe we talked him into it. It was sooo crowded, most of my pictures are blurry from getting knocked around; but the fireworks were awesome and we made it home by 8:00p.m. Don't get much better than that. We finished our night with a couple of games of air hockey, some sparkling grape juice, and fast asleep by 10:30. We are such party animals!!