Friday, January 18, 2008

Be Still and Know that HE is GOD!

Wesley and I had been talking about looking out for a reclining sofa since we had sold our recliner. God always takes care of us. We have everything we need, just like He promised. It's amazing, but when God just hands us our wants... my mind can't form the right words to describe how that feels. My aunt was going to dump this sofa, but first she had my Dad call and see if we wanted it. Wow! We feel like king and queen on our new reclining sofa!! And the blanket was my Granny's. My Mom gave it to me this past week also. Because I stay at home with the kids, there is alot we miss out on. We don't have fancy cars, or an SLR camera, but what we have money could NEVER buy!!! Thank you Jesus for this life You have given us, may we never take it for granted.

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