Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scenes Around Home

I feel incredibly blessed to live on a farm. It's not the kind of farm I imagine when I hear the word, but none the less, it is a farm. I imagine feeding slop to pigs and riding horses. I imagine chickens and acres of freshly toiled land with tall green corn growing.

For some reason (I laugh as I say this because I know the exact reason) the cow pasture has become a place to ride 4 wheelers, and our garden shrinks every year.

The truth of the matter is... farming is extremely hard work!

But in the depths of my soul, this land and this life calls me. I love everything about it!

I love seeing the cows tagged and ready to be sold...

I love checking on the geese everyday and watching the babies grow...

and I truly love this ugly, grotesque duck who follows us around like a puppy would!

We all think he has 2 sets of eyes!

I do love what the Lord has so graciously given me.