Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm seeing pink!!

My niece came over for a while yesterday and I was able to get some really cute pictures of her! She was all dressed in pink and I had a pink tulip in full bloom. Don't you love how God works even the minor details out! Noel Culbertson helped me figure out how to get these pics like this. I used
Basic Masking Gradient Brush Set from Designer Digitals.
I really like the effect. I can't wait to scrap these because I actually get to use some girly things!!!
This is a card I saw at my MIL. It was store bought and I thought it was cute so I scraplifted it. Don't know why but I've been into cards lately. I'll post some more I've been doing later. Hope you have a great day!!


inara said...

pretty pic!!!

All moments remembered said...

Hi, I just want to reinvite you to AMR MB. I was not sure by your name if you were legit. If you could just put in the hobby area scrapbooking i can get your signed it easy. Sorry! I just have to be very careful as to keep the board clean and safe. You will love the group there everyone is super sweet!!