Monday, April 7, 2008

Boys will be boys!!!!

Here's a birthday card I did recently. I have some LO's but I want to submit them and I'm not sure if you can post what you submit so I'm playing it safe.
On to the meaning behind my title... my darling husband got my little boys a four wheeler this weekend!! Did you hear my screams of terror! I have been a nervous wreck and Lorazapam has become my new best friend! LOL. Just kidding. I put my trust in God and He knew exactly what He was doing when He gave me a houseful of boys. These guys have had a ball this weekend!
Noah got stuck, and I have to tell you, this ditch is even deeper that it looks. I really was scared here!!! LOL.
You couldn't wipe that smile off Nick's face!
My hubby proving he's still a child at heart (but we All already knew that!) LOL!!!
What a muddy mess!! We had a ton of fun! Even Baby got in on the action. He'd mash the gas and laugh so hard. There is nothing that compares to these moments in time. This is why I scrapbook... so I never forget any of our family memories. I am truly blessed!

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