Sunday, June 29, 2008

Carolina Beach & Fort Fisher Aquarium

Hello everyone! Well, I warned you I'd be out more than in this summer. Man, these guys can keep a mom running!!! We just got back from several days at the beach and I thought I'd share a few pics.
We visited the aquarium while at Fort Fisher and it was such a fun trip!! Baby really was excited. He squealed and pointed and told everyone he saw, "LOOK!" Nick and Noah loved the kids tank where they could touch star fish, horseshoe crabs, and more.
This was outside the aquarium. The boys were very pleased to have something to climb on!!
After the aquarium, we spent the rest of the day at Carolina Beach. By far my favorite beach. There are very few people on this beach and since we went on a weekday, it was almost completely private.
Baby was not as enthused about the ocean water as the rest of us, so he found a BIG hole someone had dug and filled with water and that is where he stayed.
It was a wonderful trip, however, I came back even more tired than when we left. Our last day there we spent on the boat fishing and Nick caught 4 or 5 fish!! Noah never even touched a pole! Twins are sooooo different!! Have a great day. I must get ready for church.

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