Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekend Time!!!

Yea!! It's finally the weekend!! We have big plans for this long Memorial Day weekend. My Mom's, Mom's entire family gets together every Memorial Day weekend and this year everyone is gathering at Mom's house. She had people flying in yesterday, there are a few driving in today, and tomorrow is the annual barbecuing of the pig. Man! It don't get much better!!
I love my God. I love my life. I love my country (even though I strongly disagree with the direction we are headed). I'm so thankful to all those who have fought to keep us safe and free (including my FIL).
Here are a few pictures of the boys enjoying the freedoms that we often take forgranted.

It's a pretty awesome life we have. Simple, but fantastic!
On the Unity blog yesterday, one of the challenges was to make a card or O with stars. Here's mine.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!

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Jenny B in Indy said...

hey chica.. i don't know about the basic grey release time.. i'm assuming they will ship after cha.

have a great weekend.. we are pretty much just staying in. i think it's going to rain, though.