Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WARNING: Severe Venting Alert

Have you ever had one of those days??? Well, we had one of those days that turned into one of those weeks that has turned into one of those months!!
Story 1
One of my hubby's co workers did something at school that you aren't suppose to do. It was nothing disgusting or illegal. Honestly, we don't even think it's that bad. So, he admitted to it from the beginning. Well, my hubby was called into the office and is being blamed for the WHOLE THING!!!!! My hubby is getting "a letter" stating he used bad judgement while the co worker is having NOTHING done!!!! My hubby had NOTHING to do with the entire thing, but it all happened behind his shop so he's taking the fall for it ALL!! The coworker has not been reprimanded or anything and to make matters worse.... the coworker is my hubby's very best friend. Everyone at work is upset and the coworker feels awful.
Story 2
I am very sensitive. I mean, I've been known to cry over cartoons. My heart gets broken easily and so for this reason, I don't let many people near me. Well, recently I was pretty much chewed out... no, I was chewed out for something and I had NO idea I was doing anything wrong! Apparently, I made someone feel as though I were taking advantage of them. I never meant to, I certainly didn't know they felt that way and I feel just awful about the whole thing. I HATE getting fussed at especially when I have no idea I've done something wrong.
Story 3
Do I really need a story 3???
Wesley and I have retreated. We are clinging tightly to our family and our God. For now, we just can't get past the hurt we feel. Between the realities of life and the extra drama we've experienced we just want to get away. Hurry summer vacation!!!!!!!
On a brighter side, I've done lots of scrapping! It's great therapy when life gets to be tough.

Please pray for us. That our hearts will heal, our true friendships will stay strong, and that our faith in the One True God will grow because I think this is only the beginning of this journey.


Jenny B in Indy said...

I have missed you. I've been so sad that you've been gone.

I hope that whatever is going on works itself out and things are normal again for you & hubby real soon.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous LO.

((hugs)) I am so sorry you have been going through so much. Hope things look up for you soon.