Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quick before I forget!

I really don't want to forget last night so I writing everything down where I will be able to find it when the time comes. We took the boys to their very first parade last night. I know... I'm a horrible mom! LOL! They had a blast!

They were absolutely content grabbing for candy and watching all the people ride by.

Now for the part that I don't want to forget. The whole purpose for going to this parade was because Wesley would be driving his Iroc in it for the school's auto club. These are his words: "It was so cool to ride down the street and see all the people. When I saw Nick & Noah I yelled for them to come ride with me and Baby beat them to the truck. He waved the entire time. Didn't stop once and the whole time he was holding a sucker in his hand. We were almost through the parade and one of the guys ran up to my window and told me Nick's car (not our Nick, one of Wesley's students) was over heating and they were pushing it. How embarrassing that the auto club was pushing their car!! I looked back and there were 3 guys pushing it out of the way. Says a lot for our program. Even with that happening I still had fun!"

I rarely scrap from my DH's point of view, but this story will definitely be told from how he saw it. Those boys thought they were the stuff riding down Main Street and when we got home Nick said, "I sure do love my Dad!" Those moments can't be bought!!

Have a great day!!

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Jenny B in Indy said...

They are cute! I wish we had stuff like that here.

Hey, I don't know how to reach you about the card exchange. Email me or something, I need to get your addy.. I have your card ready.
Thanks :)