Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wow! Where has this week gone?!!!!!!

You know those days when you can't seem to get it going right? You know. When your constantly late or the laundry pile keeps growing? That's been my month!!
I have some LO's ready but I haven't had time to get them uploaded. I hate a post with no photos so here are the boys carving pumpkins.
Notice Baby.... his pumpkin is already done because "pumkeen YUCK mommy!" LOL!!!!! He is such a little neat freak!! I love it!!

Top one is Noah's, then mine (Jonah in the whale's belly), Nick's, and Baby's ( says candy and is pointing to the front door! LOL!)

Some people are really into altering things and I enjoy it if it has purpose. I Put all of our snacks in little snack bags so the boys don't eat the whole bag at one sitting. I needed something to put all those baggies in because they were falling everywhere in the pantry. Enter light bulb. I used the Mt Dew box to store the baggies!!

I just wrapped it like I would a gift box, except the open end. For it, I slit the paper at each corner and tucked it around the sides. I used tape to secure it. Then I painted all the edges.

I adhered pattern paper and Viola! Now my snacks are tidy.

I plan to make several and stack them on each other in the pantry. It's like a triple duty project... stores snacks, saves space, and it recycles!!
Have a great day!!

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