Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another Year Older

This week was filled with so many emotions. We celebrated Baby's 2nd birthday on Thursday. Here's his cake...

He is a huge Elmo fan. When I finished it, he said "Purte take mommie." It made my night!!
Everyone got him some toy that blew bubbles and ALL the boys loved them (Daddy included).
(I took this pic with my new camera.)
I know this is a dark photo, but try to notice two things... the icing around Baby's mouth and the undies he is wearing. I told you our week was full of emotions.. on Monday, Baby decided he wanted to use the potty and thus began our potty training adventure. He's starting alot earlier than Nick and Noah did and while I'm excited to be rid of the diapers (not completely yet, but really close), it's sad to think soon there will be no little baby boys running around with a soaked diaper hanging to the floor. He's growing up much too fast!!

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