Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hillarious Boy!!!!!!!

So we were unpacking the truck from our daily grocery store trip (anyone with boys understands why this is a daily trip!! LOL!!). Baby decides he wants to help bring in the bags, so I give him the bag with cereal in it. That's light enough for a 2 1/2 year old, don't ya think?? He's walking down the walkway and this is our conversation:
Baby: "Ooowww! My back!"
Mama: "What???" (I mean, really, it's a bag of cereal!!!)
Baby: (In a disgusted tone) "Mom. Like the Credibles! Oooww. My back."
If you've seen the Incredibles then you know this is a scene in it where Mr. Incredibles' back goes out on him while he's fighting the robot that will destroy the earth.
He may fell miserably in school, but he will know every line of every movie he's ever watched!
This is another page from the sketch crop at SMM.

Have a great day!!


Jenny B in Indy said...

That is SO cute! Girl, I wish I had your layout mojo. I just cannot scrap a layout to save my life!

And I'm super jealous Baby talks so good. Caleb finally said MORE PLEASE last night instead of signing it and we were over the moon excited. He's still only saying one word and sometimes two word sentences.
Hey, email me. I want to find out how much Baby weighs and his height since they are so close in age. I'm not sure what Caleb should be weighing right now, he hasn't been to the Dr since Sept.

Jane Ettia Jones said...

i so adore this page michelle it's just GORGEOUS

AngelBear said...

That page is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous work buddy!