Friday, January 7, 2011

Good -bye Week One...

I am kissing week one of 2011 good-bye. It's been interesting FOR SURE! Timothy isn't sleeping because we (o.k. I) am remodeling his room and I've hit a few snags. It's a MESS and apparently he can't sleep in a MESSY ROOM!!!! Never had that happen before!
I'm bruised (like seriously) where I fell down the steps while playing with Timothy! Is someone getting old when they can no longer walk on steps????
Got my hair cut.
Had a WONDERFUL family day! (I hope we do this every week!)
Watched Nick practice dribbling and shooting. He is getting SO MUCH BETTER!! And he should, he practices EVERY day!!! (he got a goal for Christmas)
Hugged Noah and told him how much I love him. (sometimes I think he feels left out)
I told you... an interesting week. :)
So my Project Life should arrive today!!!! I am sooooo ready!!! I know I won't be able to do a picture a day, but I have started out doing that. And hold on to your seat because I don't want you to fall over.... I actually have my photos printed out for the first page and days 1-4!!!!! Shocking. I know.
I thought I'd share some with you.

I'll share from time to time.
I am so excited to be documenting OUR LIFE, RIGHT NOW.
Next year won't be the same.
It changes. We change.

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