Friday, October 15, 2010

You Really Are My Friends

I love FWF day because I really feel like you are my friends. I mean I share my pages with you, I share recipes with you, and I share our family photos with you. You have to be my friend... right??? Well, today I have lots to share with you. First up is a page using one of the newer scrapbooking stamps and an older scrapbooking stamp. (I'd show you which ones but the NEW site isn't up yet)

My husband is the greatest. If you can't read the story then click on the page to enlarge it so you'll know what I mean. :)
Second is our family time last week!!!!! And I am thrilled to announce that we have even more family fun for this weekend!!!! But first, check out how my twins went down to the beach!
It was very cold when Nick rode, but it warmed up for Noah.


This is where we did a little crabbing. :)

This boy did NOT leave 'Big Haus' side ALL day!!! Too cute!

The twins chillin on the sand.

It was so nice to get away. When I got back I started on the twins birthday stuff (see invitation below). There's tons more to show you for that, but that's next week. :)
Until then Keep Stamping!


Bogner's said...

Your LO is so fabulous! Great family pictures too! Must be so nice living so close to the beach!

Carolina said...

What a great LO and such fun pics - thanks for sharing!!!

Anne said...

Great LO, friend!

Lori said...

Gorgeous layout--and fabulous family photos, too.

Brooke said...

AWESOME layout, Michelle!! and.. fun photos too!!

Katrina said...

LOVE that layout!!!! And love the editing in the last pic!! hugs, Katrina

Megan said...

Love the scrapbooking here!! I've got to get scrapping one of these days!!