Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday, Monday

I am a little bummed today. O.K. I'm ALOT bummed. I make the DT that I had tried out for. Oh well, maybe next time, right? Here are 2 of the LO's I sent in. At least I'm getting some quality scrapping done.

Also, in true 'Monday' style, I ran out of cool whip right in the middle of my cake! I'm off to the store. Have a great Monday :) !


Shirley said...

Love your Lazy Summer Days layout and you've got a great family! Welcome to M2R!

Allie said...

Hi from Memorable Seasons! :) Great blog you have here and such cute LO's! Love the 2 pagers. Especially the ducks. THose were my favorite pets as a kid!

camport said...

Your boys are adorable! So glad you found Memorable Seasons, it's a great little online community.

:) Chrissy{from Charlotte}