Saturday, December 29, 2007

What an awesome Christmas!! I think everyone got what they wanted, I know I did.... my guys!! Found out Noah definitely has asthma, bummer. The big boys had a sleep over with their cousin at Great Grandma Sharon and Papa Joe's. Noah began coughing the next day when we picked them up. By that night it was almost a continuous cough. I thought sinuses, ma thought whooping cough. Took him to the doctor, asthma. Didn't know it could come in the form of a cough. He's doing much better now.
O.k. New Years Resolutions:
1. Control my temper better!
2. Play more with the kids (boy stuff gets old after a while!)
3. Broaden my horizons where scrapping is concerned. I plan to do much more than just LO! I'll post them as I do them.
4. Get some new glasses!! Mine are 7 1/2 years old it's time to renew!!
5. Most importantly, grow closer to the LORD. I'm so thankful for what He's given me. I want to be a better steward, better wife, better mother, better christian. There's always room for improvement.
Feel free to share your resolutions too! Just leave a comment.

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